Boost your Haggling Skills with These Tips

We all have to negotiate, it’s part and parcel of modern society; whether you are haggling over the price of a car or coming to a compromise with your kids. Those with good negotiating skills certainly have the edge over the rest of us, making life that little bit smoother and if you would like to negotiate like a professional, here are a few tips.

  • Take your time – Good negotiating should not be rushed, rather you should decide on your bottom price in advance and start by offering a lower price and meet the seller halfway. Feigning little interest is always a good move; if a seller thinks you really want what they have, this will strengthen their position.
  • Walk away – This can tip the scales and secure a deal; if the seller’s lowest price is too high, walking away might be enough to bring the price down and if it doesn’t, you can come back at any time.
  • Big ticket items – You might be buying used cars in Fredericton and if you wave a wad of cash in front of the seller, this might be enough to facilitate an agreement. There’s something about a thick wad of banknotes that we all find very appealing and if you are trying to get a final discount, bring out your cash, which might do the trick.
  • Finding Fault – This is a shrewd tactic to add weight to your offer; closely inspect the car you want to buy and if there are minor issues, make the seller aware of this, stating that you will have to pay someone to resolve the issue. Of course, there are times when you can barter and times when you cannot and knowing when to haggle will ensure you don’t find yourself in an embarrassing situation.
  • The call back – When you have made your best offer and the vendor does not wish to sell, this is the time to say your farewell; in many instances, the seller will make you another offer, or even agree to your bid. If this does not work, make sure you have the contact number and call the seller the next day.

Of course, there are limits to the amount of discount you can request and it is important to be fair and objective, rather than trying to get something for nothing. Much like customers, some sellers are better at haggling than others and with some practice, your bartering skills will gradually develop.