Car Maintenance Tips For Avoiding Costly Repair Bills

The car owner needs to follow regular car maintenance, to increase their vehicle’s lifespan and performance. Preventive maintenance is great. Therefore schedule weekly maintenance and follow it strictly to avoid the costly car repair bills.

Check air filter 

Car issues can be because of loose fittings or clogged air filters. Air filters are designed to avoid particles and dirt from entering. While the combustion engine needs air, a clogged filter can affect the performance. Have them changed annually or after 12,000 miles. Never ignore the checking of air filter because this can trigger car engine issues. Have it replaced at Greg’s Japanese Auto repair shop or handle it on your own.

Inspect tire pressure and fluids 

Proper tire pressure, regular tire rotation, and wheel balance helps to enjoy a safe and comfortable ride. Tires last longer. Get in the habit of checking tires regularly!

Besides, even check car fluids using oil dipstick. It should be at the correct level. Moreover, you even get an idea of the oil color. Even check power steering fluid and transmission fluid level.

Check battery

No one desires to get stranded on remote roads, especially at night with your smartphone. Therefore regularly check car battery and connection terminals. Look for mineral build-up around terminals and cables for leakage. Use a battery cleaning brush to clean the terminal.

Start the car and check the voltage to determine that the battery is fully charged. If the battery is low, the issue may be in the alternator. You can start the engine and turn lights on. When the lights brighten on revving the engine, it means alternator issues.

Replace spark plugs

If car performance seems low, check the spark plugs and wires. If you see they are old and worn out, replace them to enjoy better performance.

Clean windshields

A dirty windshield causes visual impairment, which can possibly cause accidents. The driver must have clarity for safe driving. Besides dust accumulation can scratch windshield, while using the wipers. In the monsoon, check wipers and if necessary get them replaced. Damaged wipers scratch glass and hinder clear view!

Replace serpentine belts

If serpentine belts fail, engine parts can get damaged. Replace a low-cost item, which if ignored can lead to a huge repair bill.

Check heating & cooling system’s performance

Due to heat, high pressure or aging, the hoses that carry engine coolant may get damaged. There can be a leak. Besides, the heating hoses experience the same issue when they carry warm coolant to a car heater. The mechanics always check hoses, when you visit the repair shop for an oil change or comprehensive servicing.