Get an Estimate of the Price You Have to Bear for Car Shipping

When you plan to move across the country or over a long distance, it can make you busy. Settling in another city or state can bring a handful of concerns like sorting out the luggage, shipping furniture and appliances, admitting children in the new school, etc. Preparing the new house is also a tough job. While shifting, you might want to take the help of professional movers. However, when moving your car, if the distance is short, you can drive your vehicle to the destination. If it is long distance, driving your car is not feasible.

You need a reliable and experienced shipping company to take care of your car. Ship a Car, Inc is a top-rated freight transport and vehicle shipping company in the US. You don’t need to make an up-front deposit when you ask for a quote. You can have your car transport NY to Florida or any other place in the US without any worry. Your assigned transport coordinator would assist you throughout the whole process.

Factors Affecting the Cost of Car Shipping

Certain factors can influence the costing of vehicle shipment –

  • Distance Covered – The companies calculate the total cost of shipping by adding other factors to the cost per mile.
  • Vehicle Size and Other Conditions – You should know that larger the vehicle, the heavier it will be. It would also take up more space. Make sure there is no extra luggage inside the car. It would only increase the cost due to weight. Moreover, the companies don’t take liability for these items.
  • Open or Enclosed Carrier Truck – Although the open car carrier may cost you less, it is more secured with closed carrier trucks. It is a good bargain if you can get better security with a little extra expense.
  • Location of Delivery – You can either let the company pick up and deliver the car from your house to the new location or drive the vehicle to a terminal and pick it up from the terminal of delivery. Door-to-door shipment is a bit costly than the other option.
  • Season – Different times of the year have different traffic patterns. Thus, scheduling may be a bit difficult at times. Potential bad weather condition and traffic can delay your shipment.
  • Other Factors – Along with all the mentioned points, other factors like time taken to complete the delivery, price of fuel, and number and type of vehicles together make up the total shipping expense.

Standard Car Shipping Costs Across Some Cities of United States

  • California to New York – For a Sedan, it would cost at least $1100, SUV would be $1200 whereas the pickup would be around $1350.
  • Washington to Florida – Sedan – $950; SUV – $1000 and pickup – $1200
  • Florida to New York – Sedan – $700; SUV – $800 and pickup – $900
  • California to Florida – Sedan – $900; SUV – $950 and pickup – $1100

Remember that these prices are subject to change due to various factors.