Learn The Right Way To Test Drive Used Car

There is a lot of difference between reading a used car review and actually driving a used car. Test Drive a used car is a critical step in buying it. In this article, you will learn the step by step guide to properly test your used car.

Reasons to Test Drive a Used Car

Test driving a car is a good way to find any fault or defects in the car. You can determine how well the car serves your expectations and purpose. When you sit at the steering wheel and take a ride, you can actually determine how well it suits your needs. Automax of Las Vegas is a leading used car dealer that provides a large selection of cars to cater to your needs.

Things to note when taking a test drive

  • Does it start and stay in running state in the first attempt?
  • Do the gears easily and smoothly work?
  • For how long does it remain idle?
  • Does it accelerates smoothly and not cut out?
  • Look at its power windows, cruise control, seats, defroster, A/C, CD, radio, the dashboard, and DVD player
  • Check about any previous maintenance records of the owner
  • Check any signs of the unusual exhaust. Unusual smells of mustiness, or mold or odd noises from it during its running state?
  • Does it give a smooth or bumpy ride?
  • Are its tires properly inflated?

Steps to Test Driving a Used Car

  • Take the driver’s seat – Adjust the seat height and your foot distance from the pedal, and the steering wheel. Adjust its mirrors to find the position of the controls.
  • Switch off the radio and avoid distractions – Do not enable the salesman to rush you through the process. Avoid any type of distractions to remain comfortable, and safe throughout the driving experience.
  • Choose a Long Test Drive Route – Mostly used car dealers are willing to allow their customers to go out alone with the car. It will be comfortable to get the experience of the car without getting interrupted and distracted by the staff person.

Agree with them on a specific route. Take the car at crowded roads, try parking the car, try driving on a mix of speeds on varying surfaces, and at varying speeds to get an idea of how it will be in an actual scenario.


A little knowledge is what is needed to test drive your car. On understanding the right way to drive the car that you are looking for, you will feel a lot more confident about the entire car driving process.